Beginners guide to nailing your Airport Look!

Wearing anything to the airport is just passé! If you are a fan of fashion but don’t know where to start styling cute, comfy outfits for your upcoming travels, we've got you, GIRL!

We are going to do this the CAVA WAY: comfy, stylish, bitchy, trendy, and chic. Spend less than 5 minutes for more than 5 fuss-free, easy-to-style, and definitely successful airport looks.

You can never go wrong with monochrome!

Whether it's a 2 a.m. flight or mid-day shenanigans, a monochrome look will make you look stylish and on point. Entrenched in comfort and ease, along with sprinkles of chic, this look is sported by many celebrities, from Deepika Padukone to Sara Ali Khan.

Want to take that long, tiring journey comfortably? Comfy monochrome like this Mexico Yellow Cyber Punk Co-ord is your best travel partner.

The staple tie & dye!

Like monochrome, a tie-and-dye look is something you can never go wrong with. Wear it as a set or mix and match with classics from your wardrobe; you can style it either way!

For example, wear this Galaxy Yoga Set as it is, pair it with a sweatshirt for a cold climate, or just switch the pants with cargo joggers or the top with a crop top! You can always wear our Candy Floss T-shirt dress for a stylish journey!

Who doesn’t love patchwork?

The best part of this trend is that you can pair patchwork joggers with anything, from your favourite black top to matching patch work jackets. You pair it up with anything and the unique patchwork style enhance the styling itself.

Throw in aviators, a military-style watch, and a pair of casual shoes, and make this look better than just good!

Did someone say cropped tee and a jogger?

You heard it too, right? This is the ultimate comfy look. You can wear it on long flights and layovers with a 100% comfort guarantee.

cropped tee and jogger like our Colourblock Parachute Jogger Set have a funky look. If you have time for styling, trust us and just throw on a jacket. Layer a bomber jacket, a normal jacket, or tie one around your waist! Voila, the look has been elevated in just a few minutes.

A baggy T-shirt and jogger look is a classic!

It's time for the classic look since the 90s! Rooted in comfort and style, this look paired with a bucket hat, sunglasses, and a nice pair of shoes could be your go to when it comes to a long flight! The comfort of this look is unparalleled.

Rest assured, this look is still à la mode, especially with a jogger like our Miami Aqua Straight Leg Slit Joggers.

Activewear as an airport look?

Ever thought of wearing your favourite activewear on a long flight? NO? Think again!

You can, without blinking an eye, opt for Tuscany Pink Sculpt Active Co-ord and wear it as it is, or wear a sports bra, add a jacket, and leggings of your choice.

In the last one, in true athleisure fashion, we give you two looks!

A cropped hoodie and jogger, or a sports bra with a jacket and jogger!

Worked all summer for that toned body? Want to flaunt those abs? Well, we’ve got you covered with a sporty, stylish, and sexy look! The absence of those abs cannot do anything to break this look anyway! Flaunt your body any way, sis!

The flight temperature makes you uncomfortable? Layer on this Toronto Patchwork 3 Piece Set, and you are all set to go! These looks are self-styled, but you can always elevate it the way you want to express your personality!

These ideas will make your airport look less vanilla and add oomph!

So, are you ready to travel in CAVA style?

Let’s gooooo…

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