About Us


During the pandemic in 2020, when the world was grappling with uncertainty, our founders Ria and Shreya, now aged 23 and 20, found a sense of normalcy in their daily workouts when they realized that they couldn't find athleisure clothing that truly resonated with their style and preferences in India. Amidst the discussion, the sisters envisioned creating their very own athleisure brand that would fill the void in the market. Encouraged by their parents, they embarked on a new journey. 

The Mittal sisters got down to work, crafted presentations, reached out to people, and formed a team to create something that would become huge and then engulf all their time, energy, and passion in the years to come.

Ria’s passion and expertise towards designing and production ensured ethical, sustainable, and unique CAVA collections, and Shreya’s in-depth knowledge and love for marketing, campaigns, and content creation made CAVA one of the most loved athleisure brands with its social media pages getting much love. Drawing from their family's deep knowledge of garments and their shared love for comfortable fashion, our young founders aspire to cultivate a vibrant community centered around health and fitness. Their vision extends far beyond clothing; it encompasses a holistic lifestyle that promotes well-being.

Join the sisters on this incredible journey as they redefine athleisure and foster a community dedicated to becoming the best version of themselves.


At CAVA, our unwavering focus is on bringing you the very best: superior materials, fabrics, quality, experiences, and fashion. As a backward-integrated company, we have our own production facility in our headquarters, overseeing every process. From tailors and designers to the AutoCAD mechanical toolset and pattern-making ability, we have control over everything - big or small!

Our in-house lab conducts rigorous tests on each garment sample, examining fabric strength, its pH level, tear resistance, and colour bleeding. Only after all the tests are cleared can a garment be added to the collection. 

We ensure ethical practices throughout our operations, even in fair employee relations and payments. 

Our unwavering commitment to meeting your expectations ensures that we bring you the best athleisure wear out there.


When we decided to start CAVA, we wanted to design clothes that are functional as much as they are trendy. 

The designs of each garment is backed by intensive research and extensive work. Each design is thoughtfully finalized, keeping in mind usage, function, and purpose while still keeping an eye on international trends. We ensure we stay abreast of the colours of every season and design collections in accordance. Every trim - zippers or pockets is added to serve specific functions. 

To ensure that our designs are what the CAVA community wants, we conduct surveys to understand our target audiences’ needs. We make people try the samples, collect real-time customer feedback on fitting and fabric feel, and then make changes accordingly.

Understanding the environmental implications of the clothing industry, we have adopted green practices. Every CAVA product is made with sustainably sourced premium BCI cotton and recycled polyester. We have used technology in the design process to ensure less waste and test designs using AI tools to lower our carbon footprint. Applying the same thought process while designing, we always aim to make the best quality clothing.