ELEVATING JOGGERS: Unlocking Ultimate Styling Secrets

Joggers have now entered the going-out clothes section of the wardrobe, and rightly so. We could not simply reserve joggers for lounging around the house or running errands because the comfort they provide is unparalleled.

However, many still style it in ways that make them look like they simply walked out of the house in their nightwear. Hence, we bring you CAVA tips and tricks on how to wear joggers or tracksuits and achieve a stylish, trendy, and quirky look.


1. Dress from the feet up: Make a statement with shoes

One of the easiest ways to elevate a tracksuit look is to pair it with statement shoes. Think bright, colourful sneakers or chunky boots with a bold pattern. This will instantly add a pop of colour and personality to your outfit.

2. Cinch it: Add structure with a belt

If you want to make your jogger look more put-together, add a belt, just like what creator Shiv Shakti Sachdev  did with the Kenya Black Parachute Joggers. This will cinch in your waist and give the joggers some otherwise missing structure. Try a statement belt in a contrasting colour or a belt with a unique buckle.

3. Bold & Beautiful: Embrace the power of jewelry

Take a cue from CAVA Sundowner attendees  and accessorize your jogger looks with bold jewelry! Think chunky gold chains, oversized hoops, or statement earrings. This will add a touch of glitz, making the outfit perfect for parties too.

4. Dare to be different: Unconventional pairings that work

Pair your joggers with something that says YOU to make it memorable and personalized. You can wear your comfiest tracksuits with a bikini top  for a beach vacation, a jacket  for a mountain hike, or a hoodie  for a cozy snuggle. These creative combinations will set you apart.

5. Colour magic: Transform your look with mix and match

Joggers typically come in matching sets, but you can mix and match pieces to create a one-of-a-kind look. Wear a red jacket or top  with black track pants, or a yellow sweatshirt with grey tracks. This tip will help you create different looks from just a few outfits and definitely make heads turn! 

6. The Final Touch: Top it off with a hat

With the obvious accessories within our reach, we usually forget about impactful ones like hats. Try a beanie, fedora  or bucket hat  to add some style to your tracksuit. You could also try a baseball cap  for a more playful look.

We hope these tips help you take your tracksuits out of your house to a party or a vacation in style! Still unsure which joggers to buy? Browse our versatile range of joggers  to build a stylish look. 

See ya, in jogger looks that slay.

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