How to Look Bougie on a Budget

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 To be or not to be bougie. Everyone wants to be but unfortunately every credit card has a limit. It's a common belief that for you to look expensive and classy you need to drop big bucks. But it's very much possible to look like a baddie without breaking the bank. Confused? Don't worry these are some hacks to look like a million bucks even when you don't feel like spending it. 

1. Classy co-ords :
Nothing screams I have my shit together than a well coordinated outfit. My personal favourite is a monochrome set. It can be dressed up with accessories for a night out or worn as is for a stylish on the go look. You can mix and match your sets to colourblock  and create simple, chic and bold outfits. When it comes to co-ords Cava should be your go to! We have dozens and dozens of styles that come in beautiful shades that compliment everyone.

2. Accessorise :
A fool proof way to elevate any look is to accessorise!!! Invest in some versatile accessories like hoops, chains and rings. Our wallets may not be fat enough to buy actual gold but we can invest in regular accessories and take good care of them so that they last long. Check out H&M, Accessorize, or even Amazon for sophisticated accessories. 

3. 70-30 the hell out of your closet :
Okay so let me explain; 70% of your closet should be timeless pieces that can be worn many many times. And 30% of your closet can be trendy items. It's not realistic to keep up with every micro trend, it'll leave your wallet empty and your closet full of things you’ll hate in a month. So try to invest in versatile pieces rather than trendy ones.

4. Neutral tones :
Being classy is not screaming but whispering. Neutral tones can be paired with almost anything and give you that clean girl look. Cava’s Vivir collection is perfect to cop some neutral classics!

5.Being bougie is not just a lifestyle it is a state of mind :
Now that you've got the look down you need to nail the attitude! Own your outfit and exude confidence, you look good and nobody can tell you otherwise. Nothing screams bougie more than an attitude ;)


Written By Shriya Karuturi

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