Intro to Athleisure 101

Quite literally athleisure is a combination of the words athletic and leisure. It sounds weird because isn't leisure the opposite of athletic? Athleisure is sportswear that meets streetwear. It gives you the comfort of sportswear but is versatile and can be styled for an effortless day to day look.

Lululemon began the trend in the 2010s and it has stuck. Millennials and celebrities have been obsessed ever since. Athleisure is a big part of streetwear today like Kim Kardashian’s classic sweats or the Hadid sisters sporting leggings with crop tops and bomber jackets. It's functional and comfortable, and over the years has become the celeb uniform for airport looks, gym looks and so much more. Our personal favourite is Kiara Advani who has sported Cava Athleisure coord sets on more than one instance when spotted at the airport.

Athleisure ranges from sweats to sports bras, it can be modest or sexy, chic or formal. It blurs the line between clothes you’d wear to the gym and those you'd wear to lunch. It can be elegant like Alo or edgy like Adidas. You can elevate your look by layering, or going for something monochrome, the opportunities are endless.

I’ll leave you with five must-haves for beginners:

Neutral joggers:
You'll need a neutral pair of joggers so you can easily pair them with anything in your wardrobe. 

Monochrome set:
For when your in a hurry but still need to serve a look

Statement piece: 
To dress up any look

Cute crop top: 
Just because

Oversized hoodie:
Super comfy for a day in or out

Written by Shriya Karuturi

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