Mens Athleisure guide 101

Other than it being comfy and chill, athleisure is also unisexual and look great on both. Mens athleisure is also an equally developed market!

Whether it's monochrome or with quirky prints, or an oversized hoodie ( cue Justin Bieber), most men swear by it as their go-to outfit.

Now like most people, even men crave comfort and style and no one wants to stand out like a sore thumb with their outfit, and while there is no problem with that, you can stick to a few tips and tricks to have the best of both worlds!

The good thing with Athleisure is that it can be paired with most things and if you carry it off, it can be sported at a sophisticated brunch or a polo match to a gram-worthy airport look.

Some of the styling must-haves in Men’s Athleisure :

1. Bomber Jacket - it is great for some athleisure feel, and depending on what your wearing you could choose your fabric of a bomber jacket. You could use performance fabrics like a bonded jersey or a tradition one like the chic suede bomber jackets. It's definitely a safe bet!

2. SNEAKER ALERT! - Yes, having a pair of sneakers is a must ( especially white). Even other colours work but white is undoubtedly a must have. If you have a printed outfit with quirky prints, you could get one of these printed sneakers. There are plenty of small businesses selling great quality customised printed sneakers. 

  1. This guy will definitely not disappoint!
  3. Shop small! There is plenty of great stuff out there!

3. Craw neck jumpers and sweaters - this is definitely a clothing staple for most athletes and sports junkies and these under joggers paired with a sports cap and glasses would certainly be a look. Smart, sexy and stylish all infused in one look. A sleeveless one is definitely a game changer!!

4. Oversize it up! - It can be a hoodie, jacket or a t-shirt paired with joggers and you're good to go!

  1. A veteran of this would definitely be Justin Bieber ( even with his clothing line Drew) and even Ranveer Singh for owning his quirky printed co - ords!
  2. You can pair this look with a hat or a bucket hat! A great jogger and hoodie to check it out!

5. Athleisure bags - You're not done with the look without a bag. Sport your look with a bad that is sports inspired, stylish and functional. It can be a carryall or a duffle bag with a leather finish, but remember it should just ooze athleisure vibes!

    Other accessories to go with - A nice sports cap! Could be sports or white one or any colour but it should match your outfit. 

    Sunglasses or normal glasses - These give a smooth finish to your look and add a sprinkle of smart and sexy.

    Watch - Depending on the occasion! The watch could be a G-shock, Omega, or a Tissot. This one is a no brainer and is peculiar to your preference.

    Beanie - A cute accessory, which can be worn depending on the place you're going to!

    Skateboard - Cmon, you know the rest!

    These are some of the tips and tricks that look good on men’s athleisure! Try it out and let us know what you think !

    Here are some of the trendy looks you could try on ! :

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